How to Dip Dye Hair Extensions

If you have to decided to try to dip dye hair extensions, you may be looking for tips on how to make final results look professional. While the process of actually dying the hair is fairly simple, there are a few steps you can take to improve the end result and keep it from looking too fake.

How To Dip Dye Hair Extensions Kudu Hair

Properly blending and working the dye through the hair extensions is a key point in creating fabulous dip dye hair extensions.

The Process

The first step in creating your new dip dye hair extensions is properly preparing for the process. It’s important to remember that hair extensions do have limitations and you shouldn’t try anything too drastic that will cause irreversible damage to the hair.

Focus on staying within one or two shades of the hair’s current color, and never attempt to bleach them. Choose the right dye and hair extension combination to get the results you want.

Mix your dye according to the package directions and put it in a bowl that will be easy to dip into. For an ombre look, expect to dip the bottom three to four inches of hair, so you need to have enough room for that in your bowl. Lay out sheets of plastic so that you can spread your extensions out while the dye goes through its activation process.

Make sure you give yourself enough space to work with. Dip the desired length of hair into the dye and then pull it out smoothly, and lay it down on the plastic sheets. After the recommended time has passed, rinse the dye out and pat dry.

Helpful Hints

To make sure the dye goes all the way through the hair, use your fingers to massage it into the ends. This will prevent uneven streaks and missed areas near the middle of the strand. In addition, at the top end of the dyed area, use your finger tips to blend the dye up and down a little bit to give it a softer transition look.

Otherwise you will be left with an unnatural looking hard line in your hair where the dye stops and starts. Gently rub the dye an extra half inch or so above where your dye line ends and it will blend seamlessly.

Before you go to rinse the dye out, apply a small amount of conditioner to the un-dyed portion of the hair. This will keep the dye from bleeding as you rinse and protect the natural color at the roots of the extension.

Rub the conditioner down to meet the blended area of the dye and you should get a great transition.

Learning how to dip dye hair extensions is really easy, but you should take your time to read the instructions for any dye you choose.

Be aware of the different characteristics of hair extensions and try small experiments before attempting any drastic changes, and always take good care of your hair extensions with the right hair products!

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