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It’s a new year, so let’s start off with something new and fun! Fringe. There are countless hairstyles you can add to your hair extensions, and there’s one out there for you. You know you’ve always wanted to try it. If you already have it, you know it’s awesome and you can’t believe you waited so long. So what hairstyles with fringes are going to pop up in 2016? Here’s a list of awesome dos for the new year. Try one, try a few. See what you love and what works for you.

Long Hair with Fringe

Hairstyles with Fringes Long Hair with Fringe Kudu Hair Extensions

Are you getting tired of your long luscious locks but don’t want to make the leap to a crop chop just yet? Adding a fringe to your long hairstyle may be the saving grace you’ve been looking for. A fringe with long hair complements and softens your facial features, and freshens up your whole look while not adding a ton of work to your routine. Try it with waves or smooth it out.

Short Hair with Fringe

Hairstyles with Fringes Short Hair with Fringe Kudu Hair Extensions

If you’re rocking the cropped chop or a short structured cut, a fringe adds versatility and playfulness to your do. Style a fringe with the sides of your hair forward, adding volume and texture to your look. If you have a short, structured cut, add a piecey fringe for extra edge. A longer short cut needs a long, sexy fringe to frame the face. The classic short bob with fringe gives you an updated look that’s a lot of fun.

Long Bob with Fringe

Hairstyles with Fringes Long Bob with Fringe Kudu Hair Extensions

Best of both worlds! A long bob (or, lob) is one of those hair extensions hairstyles that works on all face shapes and all ages. You make it your own with waves, smoothness, colours, and layers. Add a side-swept fringe for a carefree, romantic look. A full fringe on a long bob is not only adorable, but it breaks up the face and brings attention to the eyes. Add a heavy, straight fringe for a polished, modern feel.

Cropped Fringe

Hairstyles with Fringes Cropped Fringe Kudu hair Extensions

The new trend for 2016 is the cropped fringe. This one takes some guts, but looks great on the right face. A cropped fringe rides high on the forehead, and frames the face. All eyes on you!

Straight Fringe

Hairstyles with Fringes Straight Fringe Kudu Hair Extensions

If you’ve got straight hair that doesn’t like to hold a wave, adding a straight fringe can accent your lovely locks perfectly. A straight fringe can be light or heavy, and requires a bit of maintenance, but it’s easy enough to keep up at home.

Layered Fringe

Hairstyles with Fringes Layered Fringe Kudu Hair Extensions

A layered fringe is probably the easiest fringe, in my opinion. The layers incorporates smoothly into the rest of the hair, they can be parted down the front or off to the side.

Long Fringe

Hairstyles with Fringes Long Fringe Kudu Hair Extensions

If you’re not sold completely on dedicating yourself to a fringe, you can start with a long fringe. It’s like adding a short layer to your hair. It can be curled, straightened, and pinned up just like the rest of your hair. It adds some depth, like any fringe would. A long fringe is effortless, and gives you the vitality of youth.

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