Cold Fusion Micro Loop Hair Extensions: Revolutionizing Way Women Wear Extensions

We all love long, luscious locks as they truly make a woman feel sexy, strong and confident. Maybe that is why celebrities around the world choose micro loop hair extensions for instant length and head turning compliments. One only has to look at stars like Selena Gomez or reality series personalities Kim Kardashian and sister Khloe for showstopping hair. Their crowning glories always appear perfect in every way. It’s hard not to be a bit envious.

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These women play around with their tresses all the time, depending on their moods, red carpet events and personal appearances. Selena, Kim and Khloe all have professional stylists to pamper them, and extensions are normal for Hollywood, London and beyond.

The look has also become increasingly popular and mainstream with non celebrities. Women want flawless hair that can grow length and volume in minutes without the damaging consequences. That’s where micro loop hair extensions have all the answers and the key to long, gorgeous, perfect celebrity hair.

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We all favour convenience, and that is what clip-in hair extensions have offered women. You simply attach them under the top layer of your hair to allow them to blend in seamlessly. However, these types of extensions can tug on the hair and scalp, and if you’re brushing your tresses with abandon, breakage will occur. Wearing clip-ins can also make your scalp hurt and itch. Sadly, clip-ins are not worth the awful consequences of ripped out strands or even worse, bald patches.

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Hair extensions are the smart girl’s way to go. In fact, the concept of these extensions is quite brilliant, and one pro has taken them a step further. These are known as the cold fusion hair extension system, and Brit beauty Em Sheldon has witnessed the glamorous results firsthand, because she wears them.

The blogging sensation of EmTalks has described this special micro loop hair as permanent extensions with a keratin tip. There is zero heat, glue or damage whilst wearing the cold fusion hair system.

Talk about a beauty lifesaver! The creator, stylist Robert Calvin has revolutionized the way women put on extensions. These micro loops are ideal for women with thin hair, alopecia and those who have previously undergone chemotherapy treatment. It boils down to ultrasonic cold fusion bonding where the keratin bonds are attached cold. The best Italian bonds are used, and this ensures damage free styling.

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Em adores loop extensions because of their versatility. ….”There is no restriction with the colour choice, they perfectly mixed the colours and my hair doesn’t look bland at all with them.”

The extensions are pre-bonded, meaning the stylist can mix any hair colours together with your own colour to obtain that perfect, natural match.

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Look at the facts: Micro loop hair extensions UK set the uber standard in fashionable hair. These extensions are gentle to your scalp and tresses. These do not shed, create a strong bond and certainly beat the hot wax system.

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