Style Ideas for Remy Hair Extensions

Remy hair extensions are a beautiful and high-quality option if you are interested in making your hair look thicker or longer. These hair extensions are all aligned in their natural growing direction, so the natural texture is maintained and the hair does not tangle. The natural appearance and manageability of remy hair extensions makes them ideal for elaborate and beautiful styles.

Remy hair can be professionally attached to your hair or it can be bought as clip-in extensions. Clip in hair  is extremely versatile, since you can clip them near the crown of your head to create voluminous hair like Brigitte Bardot or attach them lower down to lengthen your hair. Whether you get clip in extensions or attached extensions, remy hair can be styled just like your own natural hair.

Straightening remy hair is just as easy as straightening your own hair. This is very useful, because you can enjoy the wavy texture of Brazilian hair most of the time and then straighten them when you want to look particularly polished. However, it is important to be extremely careful not to burn hair extensions, since they may not be as moisturized as your own hair.

How to style remy hair extensions image of bridget

In order to straighten extensions, use a heat protective spray and a low temperature flat iron. Brazilian hair extensions need a lot of moisture to retain their bouncy curls, so it is important to moisturize your extensions when you wish to return them to their natural texture.

Just like Brazilian hair, the texture of Russian hair extensions can be altered with heat. A curling or crimping iron can provide a fun change in texture.

However, it is important to only use low heat and hold the iron to the hair for a few seconds, since hot products can slightly weaken any type of hair extensions.

Since remy hair does not tangle, you can add hair products to your hair, just like normal hair. Gels, mousses, and texturizers can all be used to create beautiful and luscious styles. Straighter hair, such as Russian hair extensions, looks particularly nice with a bit of alcohol-free mousse added before blow drying to create volume.

If you do blow dry your remy hair, you may want to make sure that your extensions are still blended afterwards. Regardless of how you style your hair, London hair extensions are certain to add extra style and class to your look.

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