What Hair Colour Suits Me: Guide

What hair colour suits me?:Selecting the right hair colour depends on skin tone, whether you are looking for a natural or more dramatic look, and how much effort you are willing to put into maintaining your hair. While a big change may seem appealing, you may find a look that you love on a celebrity doesn’t look that great on you. You may also love your look for a few weeks, but find that it fades or roots start to show quickly, requiring more frequent than desired trips to the salon.

Determine Your Skin Tone

Wearing a white shirt and no make-up, stand in front of a window and look at your skin under natural light. If your skin has a pink or neutral look, you are cool toned. If your skin looks yellow or red under natural light, you are warm toned. People with cool toned skin generally look best with warm toned colours.

Warm hair colours include golden blonde, chocolate brown, and orange-red. Cool hair colours, which look great on individuals with warm skin tones, include silvery blonde, chestnut brown, and rose gold.

Decide How Much Contrast You Want

Selecting a colour close to your natural shade has its advantages. Your roots will not show as quickly, so you can go longer between touch-ups. Staying close to your natural shade creates a more believable, natural look. A more drastic change is possible, and can even look natural, but it will require more frequent maintenance.

Choose a Colour

What Hair Colour Suits Me

What hair colour suits me? How to choose the right colour?: Once you are familiar with the basics of selecting a hair colour, you can make the decision about what look is right for you. If you are looking for a colour that looks like you, only better, stick close to your natural shade. Change up your look by going one or two shades lighter or darker, or adding highlights with red or blonde undertones.If you are ready for a bigger change, go with a dramatic lighter, darker or redder look.

As long as you select warm tones for cool skin tones, and cool tones for warm skin tones, your colours will still compliment each other, even with a dramatic difference between your natural colour and the colour you select.

Before committing to a dramatic change to your hair colour, make sure you are ready for the maintenance. While a drastic colour change can compliment your skin and give you a fresh, fashion forward look, that appearance is ruined quickly by not maintaining the colour. Long, visible roots or faded colour date your look.

If you aren’t confident you are ready for the maintenance required by a dramatic colour change, consider highlights in your preferred colour, or make the change more slowly, gradually moving towards a more dramatic shade over a period of months.

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