Hair Extensions Ideas For Going Out

What are the top trend on hair extensions ideas for going out? Let’s be honest. Hair is so much fun and not only as a beauty asset, but as a major fashion accessory. Celebrities know how to turn heads when they show up at movie premieres, awards shows and hit the night scene. Whether it’s a crown full of gorgeous extensions or elaborate tresses, and bold shiny color, hair matters and can instantly boost your glam appeal.

Here are the “Top 8 Hair Extensions Ideas For Going Out:”

1. Rita Ora – platinum, center part, retro-wavy.

Hair Ideas For Going Out Rita Ora

This beauty loves playing around with trendy wigs and weaves. Her signature white blonde locks are sexy and glam and take her everywhere out on the town. She tops off the look with matte red lips, dark brows and tons of lashes. Flawless lady.

2. Jennifer Lopez – new bob, side part, curly.

Hair Ideas For Going Out JLo

Ever since her new television show Shades of Blue debuted, the sexy Latina star has been rockin’ a flattering chin-length bob. She amps up the volume in a mass of curls and honey blonde highlights that playfully tumble over her cheeks in a side part.

3. Kate Beckinsale – updo, bun variations, sleek.

Hair Ideas For Going Out Kate Becks

The gorgeous actress always exudes a polished, sophisticated, princess appearance. She loves showing off her graceful shoulders and neck with top knot updos and buns that are classic, loose, twisted or braided. Hair off the face is Kate’s winning hairstyle, and she has never looked better.

4. Gigi Hadid – Victoria’s Secret Style – beachy waves, super long hair.

Hair Ideas For Going Out Gigi

The VS angels wear it so well. The Bombshell Blow-out is the ultimate fab style. You will need a curling wand to create big, loose waves that look like you spent the day at the beach. This hair looks real and touchable, not stiff or pageant-like.

5. Runway Model – hair adornment – floral barrettes, pearls and wraps.

Hair Ideas For Going Out Runway Model

Adding delicate and oh so pretty adornments are key for romantic, modern style. Just a couple of ornate barrettes are all you need to change up your current do, and they look gorgeous on short, medium or long hair of any texture.

7. Kim Kardashian – classic middle part – sleek, low ponytail.

Hair Ideas For Going Out Kim K

Kim wears this look so well, that many try to imitate her time and time again. This simple style adds all attention to the face, and the classic low ponytail goes beautifully with Kim’s fancy European designs. She tops off the look with a heavy smoky eye and nude lips.

8. Kylie Jenner – hair tattoos – metallic and modern.

Hair Ideas For Going Out Kyle J

The youngest sister of Kim Kardashian is a global fashion goddess in her own right. She loves changing up her jet black tresses. Kylie’s latest look are tattoos, temporary silver or gold adornments that look best on straight locks and stay intact until you wash or brush them out.

There are lots of attractive hair ideas for going out. Celebrities have fun with their locks, and you can, too!

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