Cinderella Hair Extensions

If you love the romance of fairy tales, and if you’d love a visit from your “Cinderella” fairy godmothers before an important get together, cinderalla hair extensions are for you. Visit your hairdresser and ask for hair extensions for an instant beauty boost.

UK stylists know the importance of hair styles in completing the ultimate high fashion look. Clip in extensions are immediately gratifying. Your extensions can add length, thickness, and fashion to your tresses.

You’re probably heard that many men prefer women with long locks. If you’ve yearned to have Rapunzel-like long hair but you’re growing out a whimsical Audrey Hepburn cut, choosing the right cinderalla hair extensions are the perfect way to dress for a special event or night on the town. Imagine having mesmerizing super sexy long hair like Carole Bouquet whenever you want it.

Extension Types

Hair extensions are versatile and, if you’ve ever envied a celebrity or model’s amazing hair and wish you had it, learn more about the types of hair extensions and methods used to apply them.

Extensions come in many different hair types to blend with clients’ natural hair. Selecting the right type will help you look and feel more beautiful wearing them. Although synthetic extensions are available and cost less, they don’t take colour and melt on contact with heat from your hair dryer. (They’re actually made from petrol derivatives!) Most women choose more expensive human hair in these variations:

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Clip in hair extensions

A great choice for fine and/or soft hair. Caucasian women tend to have lighter hair density and naturally finer hair texture. Clip in extensions are strong, lush, durable and beautiful, and they’re ideal for straight or wavy/loose or curly hairstyles. European extensions can be dyed to match any shade you prefer.

Brazilian hair extensions

Frequently the choice of women with Mediterranean, African (African/American), Caribbean, or LatAm origins. Hair’s natural dense softness (and larger circumference of individual hairs) blends quite well with straight, curly, coarse or wavy Brazilian hair extensions. Of course, Caucasian women with a desire to have ultimate hair volume and thickness choose Brazilian extensions, too.

Russian hair extensions

Those made from coveted virgin hair, adorn the heads of some of the world’s most beautiful people. If you’re planning to wear extensions for a period of time, Russian extensions are the most desired. With proper care and treatment, Russian hair extensions can last up to one year.


Cinderalla hair extensions look and feel like your own hair when properly applied at your hair salon. Application of your extensions depends on how long you plan to wear them. Many women wear their extensions for months. Depending upon the speed of your hair growth and regular maintenance appointments at the hairdresser, extensions can be an amazing and long-lasting gift to yourself.

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