Hair Extensions Colour Ideas

Hair extensions colour ideas. Hair colours have gotten more and more unconventional in the past years. While candy-coloured pastels and brights continue to trend on the runway, there are still plenty of classic, and subtle hair shades that are having a fashionable moment this year. If you are looking for some new hair colour ideas, you should definitely consider the most popular hair colours of 2016.

Golden Tips

Hair Colour Ideas Golden Tip Hair
This hair colour is ideal for women who want an easy, casual update on their ombre hair extensions. Unlike the extremely noticeable ombre of years past, this is a subtle change in hue, going from a light brown at the roots to sun kissed tips.

Extremely Dark Brunette

Hair Colour Ideas Dark Tips
The trendiest shade of brown for 2017 is a shade just between black and brown. A deep, woodsy brown is a colour that will suit women of all skin shades and tones, and it looks elegant and sophisticated.

Pastels Hair Colour

Hair Colour Ideas Pastel Look
Pastels are a huge trend right now in all of the areas of fashion, since Pantone announced that the colours of the year are a soft peach shade and a pale, dusty blue colour. This trend has definitely carried over to hair. It might be a bit of extra upkeep, but these pale, bright colours definitely make a huge statement.

Bleached Golden Blonde

Hair Colour Ideas Bleach Golden Blonde
A more wearable version of the pastel trend is bleach blonde hair, which has been showing up at several fashion shows. Unlike platinum blonde, this shade is much warmer and more buttery. Short bobs and fringes are particularly well suited to the bleach blonde look, and dark roots add a messy, low-maintenance vibe.

Chestnut Brown

Hair Colour Ideas Chestnut Hair
Ashy, cool tones of brown can make a person look tired or washed out, but the trendy warm brown hues of 2016 add life and warmth. This col or looks soft and natural, and it is often used for the trendy tortoiseshell effect, which carefully blends three similar colours together to give hair more dimension and depth.

Bronde Hair Colour Idea

Hair Colour Ideas Bronde Look
Since late 2015, this golden brown shade has been taking the fashion world by a storm. It is darker than a true blonde col or, but lighter than a brown, so this caramel-ish colour is extremely wearable and easy to maintain.

Coppery Red Hair Look

Hair Colour Ideas Coppery Hair Look
After years of tomato red and deep auburn shades, the trend for redheads is starting to look both more natural and more intense. This coppery red colour is warm, fiery, and bright without looking cartoonish.

Rose Gold Look For 2016

Hair Colour Ideas Rose Hair LookHair Colour Ideas Rose Hair Look
Rose gold has been the trendiest hue of metal in the past few years, so it’s no surprise that this colour is finally shifting into hair trends. The soft, pinkish shade of blonde is surprisingly flattering, and it is a fun alternative to the silver hair trends of previous years.

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